Jo joined Southern Plastic Surgery in 2007 in the role of Nurse/Practice Manager.

She has extensive experience in Plastic Surgery Nursing care from a long career in hospital nursing including providing outpatient wound management care. Jo was attracted to Southern Plastic Surgery because of the diversity of procedures offered and the ability to work with paediatric patients.

Jo commenced her nursing in the 1970s at Christchurch Hospital in New Zealand; it was a thorough training that also included extensive paediatric and obstetric experience. Prior to moving to Melbourne she specialised in Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant nursing. After arriving in Melbourne she worked extensively in oncology and community palliative care. At this time she undertook study for a Certificate of Health Management.

A change of scene in the late 1990s was to go to the United Kingdom and work as a Haematology Nurse Practitioner while also managing frequent travel to France. On return to Melbourne, roles included establishing a patient support group and working in Oncology at Box Hill Hospital. While at Box Hill Hospital she moved to the role as deputy manager of the Outpatients Department and became one of the lead nurses for the Plastic Surgery clinics.

In 2007 Jo joined Southern Plastic Surgery in the role of Nurse/Practice Manager. There was great appeal in being able to return to a role that also included working with paediatric patients.