Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are essential and consultation fees apply. Appointments can be made on 03 9591 0714.

You should bring a referral from your referring doctor to help you receive a rebate from Medicare for your initial consultation. Prior to undertaking any treatment, you will be given an estimate of fees for your consideration and consent.

What costs will I have?

The initial consultation fee is not covered by your health insurance but those who are eligible should receive a rebate from Medicare. If you have registered with Medicare this rebate amount can be immediately transferred into your account.

Our practice staff will prepare a detailed estimate of costs for you prior to surgery. This is part of your financial consent. Surgical procedures have several costs that need to be considered. These include:

  1. the surgical fee
  2. the anaesthetic fee
  3. the surgical assistant fee
  4. the hospital fee.

All tissue that is removed during a procedure is sent for examination by an expert pathologist. This will result in a separate invoice being sent to you from the pathology company.

If an implant is used there may be an additional fee.

Most reconstructive procedures attract a rebate from your private health fund and Medicare. The amount of out-of-pocket expense for reconstructive procedures depends upon your individual health policy.

Cosmetic surgery procedures when associated with a medical condition may be partially covered by your health insurance.

Where are procedures/treatments performed?

Some procedures by Professor Coombs, and all treatments provided by Dr Jane Thompson are undertaken at Southern Plastic Surgery.

Southern Plastic Surgery has well equipped offices and procedure areas specifically for this purpose.  Room based treatments are walk in walk out, but you may prefer to have someone accompany you on the day of your procedure.

If sedation or a general anaesthetic is needed, the procedure will be performed in the operating room of a registered and accredited hospital, with a qualified anaesthetist present and with an appropriately staffed recovery area.  All major procedures are undertaken in hospital as day or longer stay admissions, according to the planned surgery.

What post procedure care will I require?

Both Professor Coombs and Dr Jane Thompson will organise follow-up appointments to check on your recovery and/or treatment results.

Southern Plastic Surgery has dedicated perioperative practice nurses available to answer queries regarding patient’s pathology results, and pre- and post-operative care.

At any time, if a patient has any queries or concerns, contact Southern Plastic Surgery on 03 9591 0714.