At Southern Plastic Surgery we recommend the Rationale range of skin care to promote skin health.

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Professor Christopher Coombs and Dr Jane Thompson believe that the RATIONALE® range of skin care products (made here in Victoria) are extremely effective in reversing the precancerous and aging effects of the sun on the skin. Prolonged use of the appropriately prescribed products will commonly diminish sun damage, pigmentation irregularities and fine lines associated with sun damage and aging, restoring skin health and radiance.

The agents within these products have been shown to reverse the damaging effect of the sun’s UV radiation on skin and also reduce the pigmentation changes seen with excessive sun exposure.


Since 1992, RATIONALE has delivered Luminous Skin for Life with their luxurious suite of
formulations and treatment experiences that enlighten and transform.

Founded by Richard Parker, who devoted himself to years of dermatological research after
having experienced frustrations with his own skin from a young age, RATIONALE is
compelled to develop world-leading formulations that protect from and repair the effects of
solar and environmental damage on the skin, restoring skin’s natural vitality, resilience and

Created with revolutionary Skin Identical technology, RATIONALE formulations work
synergistically with skin—and with each other—to deliver the perfect combination of active
ingredients at the correct concentrations.

RATIONALE also offers a suite of transformative Facial Treatments, based around an
innovative professional range of Skin Identical formulations, and performed using state-of-
the-art treatment technologies for elevated results.

Help for sun damaged skin

The detrimental effects of too much sun on skin over time include:

  • premature ageing (lines, wrinkles and sagging)
  • motley brown pigmentation
  • rough texture
  • dry, irritated skin
  • sallow complexion
  • more serious changes to the skin’s immune functions that can lead to skin cancer.

The most important aspect to treating sun damaged skin is sun protection. Evidence suggests that skin can repair itself to a large extent if sun avoidance and rigorous sunscreen use are practised.

Alpha and beta hydroxy acids can be beneficial to sun damaged skin by helping gently exfoliate the outermost layers of rough, dry skin. Topical vitamins A, C & E can also assist in this condition. Over time, they improve skin softness, clarity and moisture levels.

Help for senstive skin

Sensitive skin can be related to impaired barrier function of the skin’s surface layers. Without this protection, skin becomes dry and easily irritated.

Barrier function can be diminished through genetic factors, climatic conditions and skincare products that remove skin lipids (sebum) and cause irritation.

The Rationale skincare range:

  • can assist in fortifying your skin’s vital barrier function
  • contains no known irritants or sensitising agents
  • is so mild it can even be used after skin resurfacing procedures such as chemical peels and IPL.

Our long experience with the unique needs of fragile skin makes these products ideal for patients with the most sensitive and reactive skin..

Help for pigmentation

Pigmentation can be caused by hormonal factors, skin trauma and excessive sun exposure.

Treatment options range from:

  • Topical skincare products including sunscreens
  • Prescription medication creams
  • Phototherapy — IPL or Laser.