As the temperature drops and we all retreat to the comfort of our heated homes, the prevalence of seasonal dehydration and dryness invariably rises. But while it is common for both of these conditions to present simultaneously, they are not one and the same, and each requires specialised forms of prevention and repair.

Dull, lackluster and uncomfortably tight, dehydrated skin signals a lack of water, requiring a boost in skin immunity and supplemented hydration from water-soluble actives to both replenish and retain moisture levels. Skin salvation for dehydrated complexions can be found in RATIONALE’s Immunologist range—Serum, UltraCreme + Mask—enriched with moisture-multiplying Peptides and B-Group Vitamins to restore hydration and reinstate radiance.

Dryness, by contrast, stems from a lack of oil in the skin and manifests in a compromised lipid barrier. Opening the door for a multitude of other skin issues (almost literally – if you imagine your skin barrier as a wooden front door, then dryness sees it replaced with a dilapidated fly-screen), a damaged barrier requires fortification and replenishment to bolster its defence and self-cleansing mechanisms. The RATIONALE ProCeramide range inundates the skin with vital Ceramides and Lipids to re-establish its barrier function, boosting firmness and preparing it for optimal absorption of night-time actives.


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