pH refers to the measure of how acidic or alkaline a substance is. When we’re born, our skin pH is youthfully acidic – just think of babies and their plump, healthy skin. But as we age, our skin has a natural tendency towards alkalinity—a process exacerbated by solar and environmental damage—impairing barrier function and compromising skin’s ability to defend against hostile micro-organisms, toxic chemicals and solar radiation.

What does this mean for your appearance? Over time, moisture loss is accelerated and skin becomes increasingly reactive and sensitive, resulting in a dry, tired and lacklustre complexion. If this wasn’t enough, alkalinity also provides the perfect breeding ground for acne-inducing bacteria to thrive and multiply.

This is why pH recalibration—or the mission to restore skin’s pH to youthful acidity—is a cornerstone of the RATIONALE Essential Six ritual. RATIONALE’s Catalyst family of Formulations work in perfect synergy with the skin to deliver a targeted dose of enzyme-reactivating actives, refining texture and clarity for healthier, more resilient and younger-looking skin.

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